Orchard Park

The Ecological Land Cooperative (ELC) is excited to announce the purchase of our fifth site in Nertherton, North Cornwall, a 20.4 acre field (see map below), continuing the work of making land accessible to ecological farming.

The Ecological Land Cooperative works to create affordable ecological smallholdings for new entrants to farming – those who would ordinarily be unable to afford a house in the countryside yet who wish to earn a living through farming.

It is our intention to apply for temporary planning permission for this site to create three residential small farms for three households. We would create a Section 106 agreement that legally ties the holdings to operate a viable agricultural business. If after five years the businesses are a success we will apply for permanent permission. If achieved, at this point the farmers would be able to build permanent agriculturally tied dwellings within a set footprint and height and working to environmentally sustainable principles. The households would also be legally tied to an Ecological Management Plan and an annual monitoring process carried out by the ELC.

As we begin to prepare our planning application we are interested to hear local people’s comments, questions or concerns.

Ordinarily we would host a community meeting nearby to present to local residents our plans and to answer your questions in person. However, the ELC team is currently working remotely on preparing the planning application and respecting government advice regarding social distancing and self-isolation during the Corona Virus crisis. 

We passionately believe our farms contribute to a thriving rural economy and community, providing access to local food whilst increasing the biodiversity and ecology of the landscape. Recent events have highlighted the increasing need for locally grown, healthy food for communities.

If you have any questions or comments before we submit our planning application then please email sonia@ecologicalland.coop or phone 01273 766672 by 31st May 2020. We will be keeping this webpage up to date with our progress and answers to any common questions.