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Cider Apple Trees is a specialist apple tree nursery run by John and Sarah Whittick on the ELC’s Sparkford site in South Somerset. The nursery grows a range of heritage apple trees – single dessert and cooking apple trees for the back garden; varieties for brand new orchards – for both eating, juicing and cider; as well as stocking traditional varieties for gapping up or reinstating old cider orchards.

Although the work carries on all year round, the trees are sold bare rooted in the winter months when they are dormant. They specialise in growing and selling trees on the large rootstock (which is called M25) and when the trees are 3 years old or more on a 6 foot clear stem. Other smaller rootstocks and younger trees are also available.

John is a skilled nurseryman. As well as budding and grafting many different heritage varieties onto hundreds of rootstock in the nursery, to sell to customers, John also works in clients’ orchards to change the varieties of existing stock, top working mature standards and inserting young trees with a single new bud variety.

Inline with agroecological principles, Cider Apple Trees do not use any chemical fertilisers instead using seaweed foliar sprays and mulches. Neither do John and Sarah use chemical pesticides, dealing with insect pests by using biodegradable soaps and garlic sprays, and have provided raptor perches and bird boxes to encourage wildlife.

John and Sarah are currently awaiting the results of planning permission for the site, and are looking forward to being able to live on site to pay even closer attention to the nursery, as well as start their own mixed smallholding with chicken, quail and sheep and growing vegetables and other trees for sale as well.

In the future, the team are also planning to run orcharding courses from the nursery such as pruning, grafting and budding skills and offering blossom and apple days too.

The nursery is open to the public by appointment only.

For orders and enquiries please contact Cider Apple Trees.

John: 07733 412185
Sarah: 07765 771184

Instagram: Follow John and Sarah on Instagram for news and pictures