Submitting a Letter of Support

We would be very grateful if you would consider submitting a comment in support of our application. Comments must be received by the Council by 27 April. Comments are particularly helpful if:

  • you are a resident of Arlington parish; and/or
  • you are a professional working within one of the following sectors: ecological smallholding; climate change mitigation or adaptation; rural development; sustainable or low-impact development; ecological farming; soil science; new entrants to farming; access to land; conservation; and/or horticulture.

Comments relevant to this application include:

  • benefits, as you see them, for the local area, either now or in the long-run. This can cover climate change, opportunities for new entrants to farming, the local economy, soil health, sustainable development, employment creation, biodiversity and more;
  • how the proposal conforms with Wealden Council’s Development Plan; and
  • the impact on landscape character of our proposed new barn and 3 temporary dwellings.

If you are yourself a small-scale ecological grower, then comments on your experience of growing is also relevant and helpful.

You can also request in your comments to speak at the planning committee meeting.

If you find it useful, we have created a simple template letter which you can personalise and either email or send to Wealden Council.

  • Online
    You first need to accept the Council's Terms and Conditions. You will then be able to search for our application, WD/2017/0340/F, and then once you have selected our application, you will be able to select the Comment on this Application link.
  • Email, or post
    You will need to quote the planning application number WD/2017/0340/F in any correspondence and include your name and full postal address. If you don’t include your name and address your comments will be classed as anonymous, and not taken into consideration by the planning officer.


Address: Wealden District Council,
Head of Planning and Building Control,
Council Offices,
Vicarage Lane,
BN27 2AX

Letters of support that we’ve already received for Arlington include:
• Action in Rural Sussex
• Common Cause
• Coventry University Centre for Agroecology
• Plunkett Foundation
• Small Farm Training Group
• Soil Association
• Sustain
• Sustainable Food Trust
• Tenants Farmers Association

“It’s not easy getting into farming for the first time, or making it profitable whilst caring for the land in both a productive and ecologically sensitive way. Land is expensive, affordable rural housing is scarce and many landowners offer only short term tenancies pushing for maximum returns from tenants. ELC is tackling these problems enabling farmers to access land and make good long term decisions about how to farm for the future. They are at the forefront of revitalising the rural economy from the roots up.”
Ben Raskin, Head of Horticulture, Soil Association