Small is Successful

This report examines eight smallholdings with ecological land-based businesses on 10 acres or less. The smallholdings demonstrate that economically viable and highly sustainable land based livelihoods can be created on holdings of this size. While the incomes generated would be described as modest, none of the smallholdings receive subsidies, and the income we have examined does not include money from non-agricultural activities, such as any courses, consultancy work or B&Bs that the smallholders also provide.

The research was included in the Research Council UK's publication Big Ideas for the Future showcasing "UK research that will have a profound effect on our future". It was endorsed and promoted by a number of organisations including the Soil Association and the Transition Network and had attracted praise from several prominent and independent experts including Professors Tim Lang and Jules Pretty OBE. The authors were asked to give a number of presentations including to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology.

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