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Policy and Campaigning

A People's Food Policy

A People's Food Policy was developed by a coalition of representatives from the Land Workers' Alliance, Global Justice Now, the Ecological Land Co-op, The Centre for Agroecology and the Permaculture Association. 

Over 150 food and farming initiatives, community groups, grassroots organisations, unions and NGOs have contributed to the analysis, ideas and proposals in A People’s Food Policy.  Over 80 organisations have so far signed up in support of A People's Food Policy. 

Our vision is of a food system where everybody, regardless of income, status or background, has secure access to enough good food at all times, without compromising on the wellbeing of people, the health of the environment and the ability of future generations to provide for themselves.
In this vision, food is nutritious, healthy, good quality, local, culturally appropriate, fresh and sustainably produced.
In this vision we have the power to shape the decisions that affect our lives, shape the way our food system functions, and put in place the policies and practices we need to build a fair food system for all.

Downloadn and read the full policy here.


Equality in the Countryside: A Rural Manifesto for the Parliamentary Opposition

The Landworkers’ Alliance and The Land magazine have joined forces to produce a rural manifesto which aims to challenge the elitism that dominates rural policy. The manifesto is also supported by the Family Farmers Association. It includes 46 action points, on matters such a housing, land ownership, agriculture and rural employment. These all have the common aim of making Britain’s rural land and resources more accessible to a wider constituency of people. The full manifesto can be downloaded here:

Land Justice Network

A network of campaigners about Land Justice that emerged from the Land for What Conference in 2016. To find out more visit there website here.