• Shared Assets have produced a report "Planning for Common Good Land Use".

"Planning should support land-based enterprises to contribute towards sustainable development. These organisations can create jobs, produce the things people need, and improve landscapes and natural capital. However they need the planning system to recognise the value of their approach and to help create a context in which it can flourish. The status quo presents a serious barrier to their ability to produce social, economic and environmental value. This report is an attempt to show how this can change". Read the full report here.

Planning Guides

  • Chapter 7 campaigns for a planning system which actively encourages sustainable, low impact and affordable homes. They give planning advice to people seeking to/or already embarking upon living on the land, engaged in land-based livelihoods and have produced a variety of useful publications including a Rural Planning Handbook for Low Impact Developers updated in 2018.
  • Home Grown - Community Owned (HogCo) has produced a number of publications and toolkits for those seeking advice when setting up a (non-residential) growing space. This includes a downloadable booklet about planning.

Ecological Land Cooperative Planning documents

Decision Notices for Existing Smallholdings, Environmental Projects, etc.

  • Lammas. This development of 9 low-impact smallholdings was permitted under a planning policy particular to Pembrokeshire: Policy 52. The decision notice here is that of the planning inspectorate after the Council failed to determine the application. Appeal Ref: APP/N6845/A/09/209672. August 2009.
  • Petter & Harris v. Secretary of State for the Environment. This is a significant ruling by the High Court. The justices ruled that the Council and the Planning Inspectorate were wrong in not granting planning permission because the applicant could not show he could generate at least the minimum wage from his holding. It was deemed sufficient that Mr Petter was simply self-sufficient. March 1999.
  • The Sustainability Centre, Hampshire. East Hampshire District Council's decision to grant a 3-year permission for 3 residential yurts to provide worker accommodation. Council's ref: 21514/085. December 2009.


Planning Policy