Orchard Park,

In January 2020 we purchased a 20 acre site on the eastern edge of Bodmin Moor. We're currently conducting an information campaign to inform people living in the surrounding area of our plans prior to submitting our application for temporary planning.

Find out more about becoming a farmer with us at Orchard Park.

East Sussex

In August 2018 we were granted temporary permission by Wealdon District Council to create three affordable smallholdings for new entrant farmers at Arlington in East Sussex. In late 2019 Aweside Farm and Fanfield Farm moved on site and began establishing their new farm businesses.


Gower Peninsula

In December 2017 The ELC purchased an 18 acre field on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales.

A local food project Cae Tan CSA are stewarding the land to increase their production of seasonal veg for the local community, delivered in veg boxes.

In April 2020 we submitted an application to Swansea Council for two One Planet Developments there.

South Somerset

In October 2018 we purchased a 21-acre field in the village of Sparkford, South Somerset. We are currently awaiting a decision on our planning application to create three small farms and working with stewards to develop their farm businesses for the site.

Find out more about becoming a farmer with us in Sparkford.

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