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Our Cooperative Model

The Ecological Land Cooperative is a membership organisation: on joining, members become part of the group of people who collectively own the cooperative and decide how it should be run. We are always happy to welcome new members! We are a Community Benefit Society registered with the FCA and our Board of directors is elected by the membership at the AGM.  

Ours is a multi-stakeholder cooperative. We have three types of membership each of which share a proportion of voting rights. We currently have 491 members: 450 investors, 32 stewards and 9 workers.  

Investor Members have invested money in the cooperative, share 25% of voting rights and receive returns on their investment. We are currently running an open share offer so  please get in touch if you'd like to invest. Find out more on our investor page here.

Worker Members are those people that work for the cooperative. Like investor members, they also share 25% of voting rights. Worker Members are employees and volunteers that work at least 15 days each year.

Steward Members are ecological land managers and share the remaining 50% of voting rights. Voting rights are awarded primarily to Steward Members as they are the principal beneficiaries but often do not have the time to run both their smallholding and serve on the Board of Directors. This category of membership was designed principally for the cooperative’s smallholders but can be applied for by practicing ecological land users who farm on their own smallholdings. Apply to become a steward member on steward membership page here.  

You can read the full rules of The Ecological Land Cooperative here


We of course welcome donations too! You can make a monetary donation using the paypal button below or by cheque to:

The Ecological Land Cooperative
Unit 2, Wildgoose Spae, 228 Mina Road, St Werburghs, Bristol BS2 9YP

Or if you would like to make a donation of land, or office or farm equipment we would love to hear from you.