Winter solstice appeal update

A huge thank you to everyone who donated to our Winter Solstice appeal back in December. Your donation contributed towards the planting of much need windbreaks and wildlife habitats at Orchard Park, our newest land in East Cornwall.

In February, the site hosted a tree planting day led by site manager Klaudia. Over 600 trees were planted including oak, alder, beech, silver birch, blackthorn, hawthorn, field maple, willows and rowans. 17 volunteers attended, with staggered time slots meaning people could work at a suitable distance.

Despite rain in the morning, the day was a great success, with all trees planted, staked and protected. People were grateful to be out doing something positive, and meeting others at a distance. The day finished with a walk of the land giving people an opportunity to understand the project and connect with it.

A big thank you to the Conservation Volunteers, who provided saplings for free through their #iDigTrees scheme, and of course the amazing volunteers who braved the rain!