Lynne Davis joins ELC Board

We are very pleased to announce that Lynne Davis has recently joined our board of directors - hurrah!

Lynne has been working in land and food system transformation for the past decade. She has a background in software, regenerative agriculture and food system policy. After training as a farmer in the Forest of Dean she worked on a number of commercial livestock and vegetable holdings and founded Street Goat in Bristol. She has worked on agricultural policy with the Landworkers' Alliance, La Via Campesina and the RSA Food, Farming and Countryside Commission. She founded Dean Forest Food Hub and now works with food producers and community/regional food distribution enterprises across the country as CEO of the Open Food Network.

The Open Food Network (OFN) is a software platform that makes it easy for food enterprise to use online retail to operate and build routes to market. OFN work with regenerative farming projects and communities to build regional food distribution projects. They facilitate shared learning between food enterprises to help build networks of solidarity and exchange. The benefit of the software platform is that is allows food enterprises to be cost effective, meaning more opportunities to increase affordable access to high quality food and more capacity within enterprises for community building activities such as farm visits and community days.

Lynne brings a wealth of experience in building communities around local food. Through her experiences she has seen hundreds of effective examples, each that operate in slightly different ways to make use of local contexts, cultures and assets. In the ever challenging context of making local food viable and effective this experience can be a great benefit to the ELC and the holdings.