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New site in Gower, Wales

We're thrilled to announce we have purchased our third site on the Gower Peninsula in Wales. 

A welcomingly flat site made of four fields (totalling 18 acres) with good access and healthy hedgerows. We’re delighted to know that the land has been well managed previously, with good soil and existing stock-proof fencing allowing a running start to sowing and growing by next Spring. It’s also a stone’s throw from the sea and some of Gower’s beautiful beaches.

We’re working with Cae Tan CSA, the largest CSA in Wales provided ecologically grown veg to over 100 local households - they are leasing 5 acres from the ELC to help them expand the production of good, healthy and local food whilst we prepare our planning application. This site will be a bit different to our usual model of three residential small farms - working with Cae Tan one of the plots will be creating an incubator farm with residence for apprentices to live and learn the trade of market gardening with Cae Tan.