2020 Share Offer

Investing in the ELC

Since our 2017 share offer closed quite a few supporters have asked us when there will be another opportunity to invest in the ELC.

The good news is that we are running a time limited share offer in 2020 to raise investment for the next stage of the ELC's development. You will be able to join the ELC as an investor member and become a more active part of our growing community, receive annual interest of up to 3% on your investment and vote on key questions at our AGM.

Our investor members are key to the development of the ELC and have skills and knowledge that we often draw upon. Anyone over the age of 18 can be an ELC investor member.

If you would like to purchase shares in Ecological Land Limited, trading as the Ecological Land Cooperative (ELC), a Society registered in England with the Financial Conduct Authority (no. 30770 R) under the Cooperative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 email sonia@ecologicalland.coop to be notified when the share offer opens in February.

Our 2020 time limited share offer will be opening in less than a month, in February - if you would like to be contacted as soon as it opens then you can register your interest by emailing sonia@ecologicalland.coop