Q. I would like to have an allotment, how can I get one?

From John Harrison's website

Most councils and local authorities in England and Wales have a department which deals with the allocation of allotments. It may not be called the "Allotments Department". Frequently, allotments are classified under Parks, Recreation, Leisure or Services. You can always give them a quick telephone call. Here, John provides further advice and a list of local government websites.

Q. Now I have an allotment, how shall I start?

Clive Harris offers this 'ultimate beginngers guide to starting an allotment' which is a great place to start for newbies.

Q. There are no allotments in my area, how could I access land for local food growing?

Here are the options we are aware of:

  • You might want to look at Landshare which shows landowners that have land that they would like a local grower(s) to make use of. You can log-in and search in your area. You can also post a listing showing that you are looking for land for growing.
  • The Department for Communities and Local Government has published new 'how to' advice to inspire communities to spot a plot of disused green spaces in their local area to use for food growing. The publication gives people practical advice on new ways to get access to less conventional sources of land and green space to grow their own food. You can download the guide here.
  • You could think about setting up a Community Land Trust for allotments with people from your community. Other CLT’s have managed to secure land from a public authority for less than market value or for no cost. CLTs can raise money for the purchase of land through issuing community shares. Setting up and financing a CLT is a rather large undertaking however. For full advice, contact Community Finance Solutions.
    You can also find resources on the
    Community Land Trust website.

If there are no free allotments in your area and 5 or more registered council tax payers submit a formal letter, your local council has a legal obligation to provide allotments under Section 23 of the 1908 Small Holdings and Allotments Act. A community group may be able to use this legislation to have an allotment provided with their self-build (about £35 a year for a ¼ acre plot). Click here to check allotment provision in your area: