Our Objects

The objects of the Ecological Land Cooperative are to carry on any industry, business or trade in accordance with cooperative principles in order to achieve this mission: to widen access to land for sustainable land based uses, including but not limited to:

  • local food, grown with minimal inputs,
  • renewable energy and fossil fuel independence
  • reconnecting people and place though social and cultural activities
  • forestry, fibres and other rural produce
  • homemaking and community, and
  • the general co-operative aims described in our rules.

Greenham Reach Smallholdings - Devon

In April 2013 we were granted planning permission to develop our first three affordable smallholdings for new entrants to ecological agriculture.

Since then three families have moved on and have been developing their livelihoods. You can read our latest monitoring report here.                                                                                                             

New Smallholding Proposal - Sussex

In 2017, The ELC purchased a 7.5-hectare field in the village of Arlington,East Sussex.

We are seeking permission from Wealden District Council to establish three affordable residential smallholdings for new entrants to ecological agriculture.