ELC in the Press

Photo: Director Oli Rodker and fellow barn builders at the construction of the Greenham Reach barn.

The Ecological Land Co-operative welcomes contacts from media professionals and where possible we will try to assist with commentary, quotes and expert perspectives to print and broadcast journalists.

All media enquiries Contact Lauren and Phil at communications @ ecologicalland.coop or on 07564090015.

Some selected media coverage of our activities:

Greenham Reach featuring on Radio 4's Farming Today in January 2017 as part of Oxford Real Farming Conference

Are smallholders in Britain getting sidelined? Country Smallholding, June 2016

‘The Future of Work’, Phil Moore from our communications team has written an article about the ‘Human Scale Economy’ focusing on the work of the ELC. Stir to Action, Summer 2016

Ecological Land Cooperative secures second land site,Organic Growers Alliance, June 2016

Ecological Land Cooperative receives funding from Just Growth scheme, Permaculture Magazine , April 2016

ELC featured in an article about The Real Farming Trust's Just Growth programme in Home Farmer Magazine, October 2015

One of our plots at Greenham Reach, 'Elder Farm' featured on ITV Westcountry , Summer 2015

Hope for anyone who wants a farm South East Farmer, July 2015

The Law of the Land, STIR Magazine, Spring 2015

The Ecological Land Coop's Greenham Reach smallholders interviewed on Radio 4's Farming Today,May 2015

Land Co-op looks to create 20 small farms across England, The News Co-op, May 2015

Greenham Reach smallholders interviewed on BBC Radio's Farming Today, May 2015

A feature about Greenham Reach in The Independent,May 2015

The Greenham Reach smallholders talk crowdfunding in the Mid Devon Gazette May, 2015

Helping Out Socially-Responsible Business The Argus, September 2014

Co-operative Land Sharing Projects Home Farmer, September 2014

Transition Towns and Beyond: The Ecological Land Co-operative Solutions, Volume 5, Issue 1, May 2014

Back to the Land The Spark, December-February 2014

Small-scale Eco Farming's New Hope Transition Free Press, Winter 2013

Food Glorious Food Resurgence magazine, November/December 2013

Planning Victory for Smallholders who Need to Live on Site Smallholder Magazine, July 2013

Some Great News from Devon Small Farm Future, April 2013

The Ecological Land Co-op Permaculture Magazine, October 2012

More articles are available from us.

"In the UK, the high cost of land is a prohibitive barrier to land-based ecological livelihoods. The Ecological Land Co-operative is pioneering a new model to overcome this barrier."

Resurgence and Ecologist Magazine, November 2013